Bella Bostons

Quality Traditional & Colored Boston Terriers in Canada

It's Puppy Pick-Up Day!

Here are some things to help you plan your day....

What to bring?

If you haven't pre-paid the balance due for your pup, please remember that we do not accept cheques.  We accept cash, etransfers, paypal, mastercard and visa...however we prefer etransfers or cash if possible.  Please also keep in mind that as a legitimate recognized breeder, we are obligated to collect HST (13%).

For your pup, you should plan on bringing

- a few blankets for your pup

- some paper towels in case of car sickness or accidents

- a travel crate ... you can keep your pup on your lap, but for safety in a car I can't officially recommend it...

- a dish or container with water for your pup ... I use the plastic ziplock containers with lids , just for convenience

- if you have a long trip home, you may want to bring a small collar, 8 to 12 inch, and a small leash or tie out so you can let your puppy out of the car

- feeding your pup is not likely a good idea until you are home, but a little water is fine

- please try to keep your puppy as quiet as possible for the first few days so that he or she can adjust to the changes in their lives

- if you have any questions or concerns please contact me right away


Please read over the contract which is on this site, so if you have any questions about it you can ask.  

Please have a look at our supplies.  We do not always have everything in stock, so please contact me at least 2 weeks ahead of your pick up day in case I need to order items. 


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