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Joining is a good idea for YOU because:


* You are personally updated by email with information on all new pups and litters, not just those on the website or kijiji.

* Puppy pictures are automatically sent directly to your inbox. You don't have to continually check the website to see what pups are available to the public.

* You have priority pick of all pups we have for sale. Many pups are never advertised to the public.

* I have your information so I can personally contact you if there is a pup I think you might especially like.

* You know that you can call or email me any time for information or advice, both before and after you pick up your pup.


It's a good idea for ME because:


* I am assured that the people I'm sending pictures and information to are serious about getting their perfect puppy, and that I am spending my (limited) time on those who will appreciate the information.

* I can organize the puppy pictures and other details into an email that I can send to everyone at one time.

* I am already familiar with you, and can be much more confident in the fact that you are willing to wait a short time if necessary for your perfect puppy, rather than making a snap decision and being unprepared.

* I have your contact information and will have used it so I can be confident that you are who you say you are, and that our pups are going to proper homes.


It's a great idea for THE BOSTONS because:


* It means that I can spend some extra time with them, instead of trying to contact all sorts of people who have left phone numbers, and may not be really interested in puppies at all.

* It means that the pups will be going to people who I been in contact with a number of times, and I am confident they will provide a good home for them.

* It usually means that by 8 weeks of age there is a person looking forward to taking them home.

* It means that when they go to their new homes, the people have had time to plan and be ready for their arrival.


In order to be assured that those on our list are serious about having a new puppy, we do ask for a $50 deposit to join. This deposit is completely refundable at any time you wish, or it may be applied to the cost of your puppy.

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