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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions...

Feel free to email me with any questions you might have that are not answered here.


Questions for the breeder...


    OK, I'm going to give you the insider tips...the real questions that make puppy mill owners and backyard breeders cringe!

    1. Do you have a current kennel or breeders license for the municipality you are in? This is likely the number one most important question you can ask. If they are hiding from the local authorities by not obtaining a licence (or have had their license revoked) then obviously you would not want to purchase a pup from them.

    2. Are you a member in good standing with the Canadian Kennel Club? They should be able to show you a paper stating that they are current members of the CKC.

    3. Are all of the dogs on site CKC registered? This is your only guarantee that the pups are in fact 100% Boston terrier.

    4. Do you DNA test for juvenile hereditary cataracts (JHC)? This is an extremely common problem in Bostons and leads to total blindness in dogs under 2 years of age. Backyard breeders and those who only have a few litters occasionally typically do not have the knowledge necessary to produce healthy puppies, because they are not aware of all of the potential diseases and hereditary problems that could be inherited by the puppies.

    5. Do you offer a written guarantee with your puppies? The guarantee should include replacement of the puppy if a life threatening hereditary defect is present during the time frame (typically 1 year from purchase) stated.

    6. Are both parents on site, and will they show them to you? Often less than caring breeders do not take good care of the mom dogs and they are extremely thin.

    7. May we contact your veterinarian as a reference for your kennel? This reference means so much more than contacting another person who was happy with a puppy they got at that kennel. Obviously the kennel owner will only give you names of people who were happy with their puppies (or related to the owner!).



Your new puppy can go home with you at approximately 8 weeks of age.



Your puppy will come microchipped, with first vaccinations, vet checked and with a vet record,   He or she will have a Royal Canin puppy pack. In the puppy pack, which is a reusable plastic pail, is a sample pack of the food your pup has been eating and a coupon for a free bag which you can redeem at a local pet food store.  Your puppy will also be entitled to a discount on obedience lessons at Kingston Canine Centre.  He/she will also come with a one-year health guarantee, and a lifetime of support and advice from us.



Once you have your pup spayed or neutered, you can send me this info if you would like to receive your CKC papers.

Please allow a minimum of 3 months to receive them.

1. Scan a copy of your spay/neuter certificate from your vet and email it to me. The microchip number should be on the certificate as well as the same owner name that you put on your puppy contract.

2. Scan a copy of the first page of your puppy contract and send it as well ... as long as the address you filled in on the top of the page is the same info you want on the certificate. Your puppy must be registered in at least one of the names you put on the contract, he/she cannot be registered in someone else's name. If your address has changed, please inform me of this when you scan the document to me.

If you can't scan the contract, you can type out and email me the information....

your name, address & phone number

microchip number

puppy birthday

name of sire

name of dam

date of pick up

3. The name of the puppy, starting with the word "Bella's". If it is a one word name, you should likely send a second name in case the first one is already taken. You can just add a second word to the name you picked if you like.












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