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Quality Traditional & Colored Boston Terriers in Canada

This page was updated  in September 2019

Available Puppies 

More puppy pics coming this week!


We often have available pups on You Tube as well...go to You Tube and search for Bella Bostons to see them.

These are the puppies we currently have for sale to good homes.  If the puppies are on the site they are still available.  Pups are generally $1500 plus tax unless otherwise noted.  The prices quoted are for pet homes only, and pups are sold with a spay/neuter contract.  Occasionally we will sell certain pups with full rights to approved homes...inquire if interested. 

We accept etransfers, paypal, and of course cheques please.

Please see our available adults page as well, and our foster page.

The names given to the puppies are usually not their permanent names.  You may give them a name of your choice, and also choose the name for their registration papers.

All pups come with a one year written health guarantee, are vet checked and current with vaccinations.  All litters are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club (CKC).  All pups are microchipped. Pups are guaranteed not to develop juvenile hereditary cataracts.

 We can hold individual pups only after we have received a $250 deposit on them.

 Those on our email  list of course have priority pick of any pups we have for sale.  Pups are offered to our email  list before they are advertised to the public,.  Sometimes, along with emailing pictures to our  list, pictures  may also be put on our site with a 24-hour hold to allow our waiting list to purchase them first if desired. To join our email list, follow the directions under the Puppies tab...its easy to join, and there is no financial  risk because the waiting list (email list) deposits are fully refundable.

 After you have put a deposit on your puppy, we do ask that you provide $35 per week ($5 per day), to cover the time you want us to keep the puppy, past the time he/she is available to go home with you.  We believe this is a very fair fee, considering that pups need a lot of individual attention and care, especially after 8 week age.   Naturally any vaccinations or other vet care required past the time you could have taken your pup home will be your responsibility to pay as well.

Puppy deposits (to hold a specific puppy for you) are $250.  If you have already put your $50 deposit down for the email  list, the remaining pup deposit is $200.  The puppy deposit is non-refundable, because once we have it we no longer advertise that puppy.  We accept PayPal and email transfers for deposits.  If you see a pup you would like, in order to avoid disappointment, please inquire and send the deposit as soon as possible.  We cannot keep pups for anyone, unless we have received the deposit.

  The first deposit we receive for a puppy is the one we have to take.

******* CHOOSING A PUPPY *******

 Aside from the logistical aspects, In order to protect the health of our dogs and puppies we do not allow people to drop by to visit, chat or spend time on our property.  Every person who comes here has the potential to bring parvovirus and other deadly diseases in to our young puppies on their shoes, clothes, tires etc, whether they personally own a dog or not.  

 The health and welfare of our dogs is our first and foremost concern.  We realize we could sell our puppies more quickly if we let people come over to see them, but sales are certainly not our primary concern, and never will be.

This policy is also of real benefit to those who are interested in purchasing one of our pups, because they know that when they come to pick up their puppy he or she will not have been exposed to life threatening contagous diseases from all kinds of people dropping by to see them.

We ask that you look at our pictures on the website and then contact us if you would like more information about individual pups.  You can then place a puppy deposit to hold the pup of your choice.  The balance is due on the day you come to pick up your puppy.

There are certainly many places that you can find pups where anyone and everyone wanders by, picks them up, holds them, plays with them etc. by just calling the owner who is pushing the sale....or of course in pet shops.   Quite possibly these pups could be infected with a contagious disease which will start to show symptoms only after you have purchsed them.  That story doesn't end very well, and is much more common than most people think. 



 We naturally have many requests for more pictures of pups after they are purchased.  I would love to do this for people but since a lot of requests come in it really can be impossible.  I work from the time I get up until bedtime, often missing several meals....I love my work, but it really doesnt leave time for taking pictures.  In order to keep our prices as low as possible, we now have a high school student who is saving for college,  who will take pictures for people when she can, of the puppy they have purchased.  She asks for $20 for each set of pictures she takes, will get 4 to 5 pictures emailed to you for this price Believe me it takes a long long time to get 4 to 5 pictures of wiggly hoppy puppies that arent just a blur or a leg or well as her travel time, sorting and sending pictures etc. 

*****PLEASE NOTE:  If no specific date is beside the puppy's name, then the puppy is ready to go home now*****


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