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Here at Bella Bostons, we know our dogs aren't babies.  The question they?  

All of our dogs are very unique and special to us, and live with us in our home.

Doggy Activities

All of our adult dogs have been formally obedience trained, and it really is an activity that we highly recommend.  It not only helps your dog to understand what sort of behavior you expect, but is a really enjoyable and rewarding outing that you can share with your Boston friend.  The right sort of obedience class can really boost your relationship with your best friend, and give him or her real confidence and respect for you. 

Bostons are big dogs in sturdy little bodies.  They are very intelligent dogs that love to please, but occasionally have a touch of stubborness, like our dear Outlaw.  We believe this just adds a little charm and character to his already outgoing personality.  With a little dedication to training on your part, your Boston will really shine.

Our dogs really just love being with people.  They love the water, hiking, playing fetch, boating, car rides, you name it, if it's with their human, they're happy.



Our Focus

We really enjoy the company of all of our dogs, and our recreational activities are centered around them.  You will rarely see us in our car without at least a few of our little cuties with us.  They bring so much enjoyment and entertainment into our lives, we really want to spread the word about how wonderful it is owning Boston Terriers.  We truly believe they are the most versatile, loyal, intelligent dogs anywhere, all packed into an irresistable little package.

Colour Research

We are very interested in where all of the beautiful colours come from in our Bostons.  Being already interested in genetics, and having taken several courses in the subject, we find the colours of our Bostons really fascinating. We have also had numerous colour tests performed to reveal the hidden genetic colours that they carry. 

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